Those Cartoons…again!

I have always argued for the values of free speech and I always will.  I am generally against censorship, not only because it is counter-productive but because it is usually attempted by agenda-loaded groups who, believing their perspective to be the only morally correct one, wish to impose their own standards upon us.  They have no right to tell me what I can and cannot listen to and view.  Therefore, the press were lawfully very much within their right to publish the Muslim cartoons.

But there is such a thing as self-regulation and social responsibility and I can’t help feeling that the decision to print the cartoons was a misjudgement.  I fully agree that the right to freely print should never be withdrawn but I am perplexed as to why they chose to pick on a community that is already disadvantaged, who already feels alienated, hated and constantly under pressure to account for the actions of the small but extreme element of their group.  What was the value in provoking the Muslim world when their anger and resentment at the West is already nicely simmering under the surface?  They must surely feel that all this is yet another dig at their culture, another attempt to demonise the whole of Islam, portraying them all as evil terrorists.

Having said all that, I would stress my feelings that Muslim reaction has been totally disproportionate and I have been appalled at the gratuitous levels of aggression that have been displayed.  Of course the sinister words written on some of the placards being waved around have far more serious tones and I believe this should be addressed as it must surely be incitement to murder and hatred.

I hope this will just blow over…a storm in a teacup type of thing.  From the news images I have seen, most of the more aggressive protestors seem to be young men and as such, young men (and young women) of all cultures do tend to be more passionate and militant about issues…I think it’s an age thing, a rebellious defiance against the world. I hope that most of the younger protestors are doing just that.

Unfortunately though and perhaps inevitably, given the high levels of passion and aggression, people have now died and the press responsible for publishing the cartoons are not squeaky clean in this.              


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  1. Thank you tyger and thanks for the info. What a perfect example of double standards (of which our mutual friend is a master of). There is absolutely no distinction between cartoons that mock different phrophets and attempts by the newspaper staff to seperate the two is just an insult to the readers.

    It is all quite clear now that this has been a deliberate provocation and whilst the Muslim (over)-reaction is disturbing, the motives and intent behind the publishers decisions to print is equally worrying because of its sinister connotations. They knew jolly well that there would be an uproar and the fact that lives have been lost just makes me feel sick.


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