How sad…and stupid!

Woman under House Arrest since 2003…for marrying without permission.

Qatari officials kidnapped this woman about a week after she married an Egyptian man way back in 2003. She was drugged, abducted and returned to her family home in Qatar where she has been confined ever since and her husband has been denied any access to her.

What a sad waste! This is an educated woman with the ability and the potential to make wholesome contributions to society that in turn will benefit the country economically and socially. Instead she is unable to fulfil her role as a wife to the man of her choosing and she is being denied the chance to utilise her education in the workplace.

How long will it be before the leaders of such countries that practise gender inequalities allow the status of women to advance to at least, tolerable levels? How long before it dawns on them that the suppression of women is not just ethically wrong but that it greatly minimises the economical, social and political advancement of their country. Just think of all the skills, talents and gifts, some unique to women, that are untapped…undiscovered.

 "I ask you to help end my suffering and to help me return to my husband, whom I chose entirely of my own accord, this being the most fundamental of my God-given rights, as enshrined in international human rights conventions … I am almost 30 years old and a university graduate, which is to say that I am a rational, educated adult who is aware of the decisions she makes" Hamda Fahad Jassem Al-Thani


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