The Planet…Where is it Going?

The future of this planet and all living things that dwell on it depends on this generation – now.

I wonder if it’s too late:-

Recent reports by prominent sources have confirmed that global warming is occurring at much greater speed than was first thought and we are soon going to reach the point of no return. Some suggest we’ve already passed that point.

Now we have leaders of rich countries paying lip service to the cause without any real action ensuing.  We have government leaders who prioritise the economy of their country in their policy-making to the detriment of the environment.  We have Tony Blair with his dubious green credentials making passionate speeches…declaring his devotion to protecting our planet and announcing to other world leaders that we have a seven-year deadline in which to act.  Moments later we have him announcing that he opposes the reduction of aviation industry subsidies which staggeringly sit at about £9 billion.  He also refuses to introduce new airline passenger taxes because he argues that such measures will not make an environmentally beneficial impact despite the fact that demand for air travel is set to rapidly increase, encouraged by the influx of cheap flights.

“Tony Blair’s environmental legacy now rests on whether he is willing to stand up to big business and take the tough decisions required to help combat climate change.” Matthew Davis, Director of WWF’s Climate Change Campaign

We have Bush finally acknowledging America’s addiction to oil but how much this concern is due to his conflicts with the Middle East and how much is due to genuine concern for the planet is anybody’s guess.  And his response to this confessed addiction to oil?  Replace it with another evil that interestingly, Cheney also has “interests” in:

“Cheyney’s connections with the industry: As it turns out, Cheney’s energy task force has built-in ties to the nuclear industry. A key member of the task force, Energy Department official Joe Kelliher, was a longtime nuclear power lobbyist. Another connection: Roy Coffee, who worked as Governor Bush’s lobbyist in Washington, was recently hired by the Nuclear Energy Institute, the industry’s front group. Nuclear executives have enjoyed extraordinary access to the energy task force, meeting repeatedly with top Bush officials, including economic adviser Larry Lindsey and Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham who mentioned new nukes in a major “energy crisis” speech in late March. At the meetings, the executives laid out their case for a nuclear comeback.”

We have Exxon making record profits, flourishing in Bush’s rewards of subsidies and tax breaks and shirking their ethical obligations to re-route some of their profits into the research and development of safe alternatives but plying it into junk science instead.

We have much-needed rainforests disappearing because of the corporate interests of the logging industry and to make room for our obsessive road building compulsion so that we can house even more cars!!

We have the ethically questionable policy of carbon-trading that will allow the rich countries – the biggest abusers, to emit more carbons by buying credits from developing countries that under-produce.  To me this totally undermines the absolute need to drastically reduce emissions.  If developing countries are under-producing then that should be taken as an added bonus of carbon emission reduction.  Allowing other countries to buy these reductions and use them results in no reduction.  Fair trade should largely alleviate the temptation for the poor countries to sell credits but of course, this would not be in the interests of the corporate globalists who financially benefit by poorer countries staying poor.

We have Kyoto targets which are set to fail because no one has ever really been committed enough to implement them.  Let’s face it, voluntary participation rather than legislation is never going to get results.  There are many who are cynical about Kyoto but at the moment it’s the only international game insitu and by the time our figureheads re-evaluate their priorities, lose their arrogant ego’s, stop squabbling about it and, at the advice of the experts put another game in place, it will be too late.

On a more individual basis, we have the sad dilemma of struggling people from poorer countries who depend on the exploitation of the planet for their livelihood (fair trade again please).  And we have the human problem in that most of us are unwilling to compromise our luxurious lifestyles…ever refusing to take a step backwards in terms of our living standards.

The world over – people, businesses, leaders, government, scientists, communities – we are all exploiting our “assumed” superiority over all other living things and the fruits of the planet.  Continuous disruption of the natural process…deforestation…air and water pollution and rapidly melting glaciers due to industrial activity and cushy lifestyles…the profitable destruction of eco-systems…whaling for profit in the guise of scientific research…the gratuitous placing of more and more endangered species at risk.  Negligent household waste…irresponsible over-use of domestic fuel…greedy consumption.  On it goes.  But it will stop soon and not by human intervention.

The planet…nature – it’s much bigger than us. When will we learn?


3 responses to this post.

  1. The answer is the Free-Market!

    Thatcher deregulated the UK gas market – we probably have the most deregulated gas industry in the world. Last month I got a shocking bill as the wholesale price had rocketed. So this month I have reduced the heating time, the temperature, and worn a few extra layers.

    It’s the subsidies – propagated by the economic left – that massage the price meaning shortages, and realities never effect consumption.



  2. Don’t worry about the planet, the flowers will fight back.


  3. Yes, I guess you’re right.

    On an individual basis, how often do we hear people say…”I do my bit. I recycle, I re-use, I compost my waste, I switch the lights off…” and I’m a bit of a hypocrite myself because I’m one of the many that is unwilling to make substantial life-changes and although I really do do my bit, I’m afraid that “my bit” is now not enough. I fear that the only thing that would stop this is to revert back to pre-industrial times.

    Love the flower thing by the way. Very clever.


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