The Latest Tory Values

Their aims and values courtesy of the BBC:

Over the years the Tories in my view, have been the party of opportunism and none worse than Michael Howards party.  His pre-election party of 2005 exploited public feeling to almost obscene levels by spreading propaganda which deepened the hysteria regarding immigration and asylum.  His party also jumped on the wave of public feeling of tax overload by promising tax cuts along with increased public spending.

I have to say this latest Tory makeover, although lacking any explanation of how they will pull it off,  reads like a very just and worthy ethos.

As a traditionally uncaring party I wonder…are they truly listening to the people and changing their core policies in an attempt to catch up with the current popular trend of ethical thinking or are they simply being opportunistic again, saying what they think we want to hear and once in power doing a hundred policy U-turns?


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  1. Well his latest comments about Green issues are a touch baffling in my view. He told the BBC today that he believes green growth and reduced emissions are possible without restricting peoples lifestyles. Cameron does seem to have a genuine concern regarding Green issues as did his predecessor Michael Howard but he fails to give any explanation of how he can accomplish “green growth” and reduced gasses without any restrictions.

    In my opinion, using words such as “lifestyle restrictions” are pre-defeating because of the selfishisness of our human traits. We need to move towards the use of words such as “adapting our lives to sustain our home”. “Home” being the planet of course because that’s the top and bottom of it. The planet is our home and there is no choice left. We change our way of life or lose our home. That’s it.


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