Blair and God…and Parky

I’m not so sure Blair deserves all the criticism he is receiving over his comments on the Parkinson interview.  It seems to me to be mostly nothing but journalistic spin.   As soon as Blair mentioned his faith Parky was on the edge of his seat smelling the sweet whiff of sensationalism of which he would of course benefit from in terms of publicity.  

As far as I can tell Blair merely stated his belief that God will judge the decisions he had already made and he will have to live with that fact.  He didn’t claim that God told him to do it in contrast to George Bush’s claims of divine direction and he didn’t say that he consulted God before he made the decision to support Bush’s invasion.

He stated that he made his decision according to his conscience.  In my view that’s not the same as saying he asked God first or that God had any influence over his decision.  Even athiests have a conscience that they often struggle with. 

It’s time we had less dishonesty in journalism and more integrity.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Well at least the dependable Guardian has integrity.  Stewart Jeffries agrees with me:,,1724275,00.html


  2. The thing about it all that gets my goat though is his slipperiness…


  3. Yes he’s a slippery one alright. I don’t much care for him at all. Used to. I had visions of him being a great leader and although he has done some good stuff, it goes no way to making up for all the rubbish.


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