Greeting Ms Rice?

Condoleeza Rice just might be paying a visit to my hometown sometime this year. It’s not often that visiting figureheads get to find out that London is not the whole of England.

Anyway, rest assured that I won’t be going out of my way to witness this historic event should it take place but given the chance of spending five minutes or so with her, these are some of the things I would say to the dear lady:-

“Ms Rice, in what ways do you feel the invasion and occupation of Iraq, of which your support was amongst the hardiest, has made the world and in particular, America and Britain, any safer?”

“Did you never, at any time, get even a teensy bit suspicious when the defenders of Iraq failed to use a single weapon of mass destruction from their “huge stockpile” when they were under ferocious attack from your soldiers?”

“Do you feel that your War on Terror would be in a much more advanced position if the administration in which you served had not been so obsessed with Iraq?”

“Could you not see any contradictory ethical issues arising from your defence of the CIA when they were accused of arming Saddam Hussein and your support for the toppling of Saddam?”

“Did you not feel even a slight sense of cowardly shame when you dumped the part you played in the Niger uranium fiasco onto Mr Tenet (CIA) ?”

“Did you feel that lying for Bush was your patriotic duty and that misleading your country, indeed the world, about the gravest of matters was a neccessary obligation in the service of your country? Did you ever, at any stage, sense that your unquestioning loyalty towards Bush and your defence of him at all costs might be in conflict with the security interests of your country and its diplomatic relations with the rest of the world?”

“Do you feel any responsibility for the thousands of innocent deaths and for the ongoing suffering and misery that is now the legacy of the Iraq invasion?”

“And finally,….would you like to acquire some scruples? I can get hold of some, no questions asked….in the interests of security and all that.”

That will do. I’m sure her deceptions go wider than what’s included in these now slightly dated issues but let the Americans sort her out.


4 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t think they are dated issues at all. It would be satisfying to be able to ask those questions, though I’m not sure if it would have much effect. My own suspicion is that she’s going to try for president some time soon …


  2. No I suppose they’re not dated as the knock-on effects are on-going.

    I reckon she’ll run too even though she has so far vehemently denied it. Don’t think she stands a chance of winning though.


  3. Posted by what a load of horse-shit on March 21, 2006 at 11:50 pm

    Miss Celany is more or less on the ball. Candy is definitely going to go for Prez sooner or later…and the sooner, the better. Can you imagine it? A black woman Republican President?


  4. Thank you O Dark One for that comment.

    Condi may go for it but she won’t succeed. The Americans are nowhere near evolved enough to tolerate a black female president.  That would be way too liberal for them.  They’re still living in fear under the medieval forces of the Christian Right.


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