I’ve just been watching a Frasier repeat (one of the best comedies ever incidentally).  Daphne and Miles are having Yoga classes.

I used to practise yoga regularly up until a few years ago and it really was both energising and de-stressing at the same time.

It’s inspired me to join a local class.  Somebody once told me that our muscles have a memory.  Not sure what that means exactly but hopefully my muscles will remember how supple they used to be and I’ll glide right back into it.


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  1. I’m a Friends gal myself.


  2. I loved the Friends series too. My fave character is Chandler. Just recently started to watch Scrubs and finding that pretty funny too.


  3. My partner IS Chanandler Bong!

    by the way, are you going to run the bbc’s climate change prediction program on your computer? I don’t think it will run on a mac, which is very disappointing!
    you can read all about it at but I bet you knew that already!


  4. Frasier is excellent – the brother´s name is Niles.


  5. Chanandler Bong! Lol. Love it. And you must be Monicker Gellery.

    Re. the BBC climate change thing…I heard about this a while ago but in honesty I didn’t realise it was up and running yet. Yes, I’m going for it. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll let you know my results etc.

    Just read that although as you said, you can’t run the BBC experiment on a mac, you can run other climate prediction experiments on it from if you’re interested.

    MrZ, my favorite character is Niles. He’s just such a lovable fusspot. The Frasier shows are yet unmatched in my opinion.


  6. Niles is my favourite too – I find Daphne very annoying though. Did you know the father, John Mahonay, is from the UK? Manchester, I think – poor sod, being from Lancashire.


  7. Hehehe. Well it could be worse. He could be from the neighbouring Shire.

    Jane Leeves who plays Daphne is from England too isn’t she? Not sure whereabouts exactly but she ‘as a reight proper northern accent.


  8. Her accent is put on, and quite obviously if you ask me. She is English, but I´m not sure where from. I take your point about John Mahoney, but I don´t see how him being from Cheshire could be worse than Lancashire?


  9. Lol. I knew you’d get the better of me. Where’s the rude smiley with his tongue pulled out?


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