Cape Wind

Cape Wind is a proposed off-shore wind farm – America's first, which will use the power of wind to supply three quarters of the areas energy.  Good, clean, infinite wind.  And yet again the materialistic ethos of self interest, to the detriment of the planet, threatens to sabotage this project.  Last minute amendments pushed by lobbyists who include wealthy property owners with connections in the right places (wink, wink at Georgie boy) who don't want their views spoiled by tiny specks of white on their landscape, are jeopardising the whole thing. 

Tell you what!  Let's shove a steaming great big, dirty nuclear power plant there instead.  See what they think of that! They pull out all the stops to avoid having a clean, white wind farm in view, however far into the distance it will be, but don't give a damn about the communities that have to live by a radiating nuclear reactor.  So long as it's not them, huh.

George Bush has acknowledged the American addiction to oil and the need for renewables.  Let's hope that when congress meet up to vote on this, they will actively acknowledge it.  But unfortunately, money talks.

Hurry along America.  Catch up.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by clare on April 15, 2006 at 8:23 am

    Leave Georgie-Boy alone! He’s nice…….


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