The children's Grandad gave them this DVD for Easter (as an alternative to Easter eggs thank goodness!!) and we watched it last night.  Having been a childhood favorite of mine, I was eager to see it and I'm pleased to say that the producers have kept remarkably loyal to the tradition of the original with this latest cover.

I've found many times that watching childhood favorites as an adult is not quite the same.  Some of that innocent magical quality is sadly lost through adult eyes when re-visiting childhood books and films.  But Lassie…not at all.  Some of the acting wasn't top rate (apart from the dogs, they were excellent) but yes, a lovely, feel-good story with some glorious scenery shots of Scotland and Yorkshire and of course plenty of tears.  Me and my daughter cried – twice.  

Happy endings all round and a warm and fuzzy feeling to accompany us to bed.

Not for the hard-hearted.  😉


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  1. Posted by catboy on April 12, 2006 at 8:52 am

    You make me retch sometimes, you animal lovers. Dogs can’t act, they just run around inanely, fetching crap, being stupid, and trying, sometimes hopelessly, to get your attention.

    Don’t be soft.


  2. Posted by catboy on April 12, 2006 at 8:54 am

    And anyway, Littlest Hobo was much better 😉


  3. Well I did say not for the hard-hearted. 🙂

    I know dogs can’t literally act but believe me, they were better than some of the actors in the film. Actually, Collies are very “trainable” dogs and the dog in the film was very good. My cousin kept Collies and she used to have them performing all kinds of stuff for us – used to charge us 10 pence a show, I kid you not. They were very well trained animals.

    Littlest Hobo…I forgot all about that one. American retro rubbish! The theme music is coming right back to me as we speak…..

    Maybe tomorrow, I’ll wanna settle down
    Until tomorrow, I’ll just keep moving on….


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