Cameron the Explorer

David Cameron’s trip to the edge of the Earth was nothing more that a publicity stunt and an opportunity to have himself an action-adventure trip of a life-time. He just wanted to play. He said himself it was more fun than sitting in the House of Commons.

Personally, I think he should stop exploiting the tender issue of global warming just to fulfill his own personal fantasy of becoming an explorer and at the same time promote his party prior to the local elections. “Hello people. Look at me. I’m here so that means I care.” Excuse me, Cameron. You need to actually do something. We need real climate change solutions. ..not some nerd grinning and waving at us from a husky-sled. He needs to know that flying around the world clocking up the air miles, using a form of transport which is one of the worst emissions culprit is not a solution. It’s all about image with Cameron. Well, at least the dogs were worth looking at.

But why is he not travelling through Britain in an environmentally-friendly vehicle sending out his Green message? And where are the actual solutions? What are his actual proposals for tackling the green issues? We haven’t a clue. A reporter out there asked him about flight taxes and his answer was..well, I think he answered an entirely different question.

And statements such as the one he came out with saying that – if people go to the trouble of travelling out there then it’s clear they are seriously concerned about global warming – is just total stupidity. For one thing, he hasn’t considered that the energy he used and the carbon emissions he caused by his journey alone sort of negates all his rhetoric.

Many others are serious about global warming too but if we all decided that being seen there would solve something and we all took ourselves out there then the place would perish in no time. We couldn’t or wouldn’t dream of emitting even more pollutants just to get there and have some publicity photos taken. I’d love to see that part of the world, I really would. But while the Earth is in such a dire predicament I’ll be content to see such sights via my TV and my bookshelf and leave all the work that needs to be done to the appropriate scientists.

Yes, leave the vitally important work to the experts Cameron. Get out of there – the hot air coming from your mouth is likely to thaw out the glaciers in one go.


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  1. Think I’m just in a bad mood. I might be a touch over-cynical about Cameron. After all, he has talked of moving away from the nuclear option and he is thinking of putting a wind-turbine on his own property. Thing is, this again promotes his own image but what I want to hear is talk of grants and such-like that will provide wind-turbines for all our homes and buildings. One wind-turbine on one roof will not save the planet but it does make Cameron himself look Green and caring.


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