Local Elections

Someone dubbed next months elections as being the ‘ethical elections’. Sounds about right as all three main parties fight for the environmental moral supremacy.

I have to say I’m pleased and surprised that none of them (the Tories in particular) have tried to exploit the “stop the ethnics from taking over” mentality by competing against the BNP for the wave of popularity that they are currently enjoying. But they are instead, and most refreshingly, providing publicity to a much more serious and meaningful cause. That’s not to say that the ethnic/immigration issue isn’t serious. It is. The fact that the racist propaganda coming from the BNP bigots is succeeding to manipulate and brainwash the disheartened is very serious.

I know I said Cameron’s Norwegian spectacle was nothing more than a self-image promotion and I stand by that but the three main parties canvassing on an environmental platform , however shallow and empty their words are, has to be a good thing. It does give wide exposure to the cause.

Basically, politicians at election time will always exploit our insecurities but much better that they exploit a genuine threat than exploit fears that are derived from deliberate lies and misleading distortions.

I hold out little and no hope that their words and gestures regarding climate change are anything more than words and gestures. I have no faith in politicians these days. But I still believe in People Power and all this pre-election talk does empower people. We can insist that they fulfill their pledges and if they don’t, we can declare them to be liars and write them off. Doesn’t help the planet but…they were never going to anyway.


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