Back down to earth

This is just awful.

It's true that we are all suffering from wear and tear. I was going to say that we're de-sensitised because of the constant appalling images we keep seeing of human tragedy, often at the hands of other humans. And the unrelenting pleas for money. George Clooney is right. It's just a case of tragedy fatigue and I refuse to believe we have become de-sensitised. I need to have faith that the human compassion is still there and it will revive itself again.

Yes, it will.


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  1. Posted by Supersimm on May 1, 2006 at 10:26 am

    I certainly hope so! Stay with your dream!


  2. Thank you Supersimm. I will.
    What hurts me is when I hear people in the UK crying out that something should be done for the people of Darfur. Then these same people shout out their distaste about asylum seekers infesting our land but what they don’t release is that many of these asylum seekers are people fleeing from the atrocities that are occurring in Darfur. Not only are people suffering from tragedy fatigue, they’ve also caught a very serious case of what the UN has described as “asylum fatigue”. That’s all very well, but in the meantime, refugees go unprotected.
    Two million people internally displaced! Rape, torture, murder….Who wouldn’t try to flee from all this? The international community should hang its head in shame at the lack of action.


  3. Posted by Supersimm on May 1, 2006 at 8:52 pm

    Maybe if the international communities assisted and protected more, then the asylum seekers might not be as eager to move to other countries?


  4. Yes, definitely. It would be far more desirable if the victims were able to stay in their homeland. How daunting must it be to flee from peril into a strange land in search of kindly refuge only to be faced with hostility from the nationals? That’s not to mention the fact that they’re treated like criminals by the immigration agencies…detaining children and their families in prison-like conditions and such-like!!


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