Ice Age ~ The Meltdown

Relax! I'm not about to preach global warming again. This is the new Ice Age 2 movie.

I took my kids to see it tonight. First thing I'll say is that to fully appreciate this film you need to have watched the first Ice Age. It's not vital but it would greatly enhance your enjoyment.

I loved the first film. How is that the makers of cartoons get their characters to be so appealing? How do graphically animated people and animals bring out our emotions so well? In Monsters Inc. I fell in love with little Boo. And Ice Age 1 has a little toddler who is just sooo sweet and cute.

Anyhoo…The Meltdown. Super-duper film that I enjoyed as much as my children did. We all laughed our heads off and came out smiling wide. It sometimes runs on the usual two levels whereby some of the dialogue goes over the children's heads but hits the adult funny spots. But mostly it's funny all round and there is a fabulous scene where Sid the sloth is….well I won't put a spoiler here so I'll just say that it's almost worth watching for that scene alone. My little boy was hysterical with laughter at it.

The story includes scenes which contain connotations of some of the well-known biblical epics but is set in a prehistoric background of the last ice age. It includes some awesome scenes of ice walls coming down. It's amazing what can be achieved with computer graphics. Or is it just me who is too easily pleased? It's probably me.
Well, whatever!  I think it's a great family movie…even better than Lassie and I will certainly be buying myself my kids the double DVD set for Christmas this year.


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