Bread !!

My daughter's homework this weekend was to bake a loaf of bread.

I went out to buy the ingredients and I had to supervise her but she did most of it herself and she even added sesame seeds because she knows I like them.

I helped her to take it out of the oven and we sat the perfectly formed loaf on a plate to cool.

It smelled delicious and I had bought real butter just for the occasion.  Mouth watering, I told my kids that we'd let it cool but not for too long because I love it when the butter melts as it spreads and soaks into the crusty slices….slices that we were going to tear off rather than cut neatly with a bread knife.

It was at this point that my daughter informed me that she had to take the full, untouched loaf into school tomorrow where the teacher and pupils were going to have a tasting and rating session!!!!!!



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