Councillor Anna

My younger daughter…she won the class majority vote in the school council elections this week.

It's been a really good learning exercise for the children about the values of democracy, elections and the voting process. The school even borrowed actual ballot boxes from the Town Hall. The deputy Head announced the results at a special assembly this afternoon and as he called out the names of the winning candidates, the supporters of each winner cheered loudly…just like a proper election night. Lol.

Was a fun way to introduce the children at an early age to the culture of democracy. They all seemed to enjoy it. I only hope my little girl doesn't allow her new "position" to corrupt her sweet nature now that she has entered the sleazy world of politics. Hehehehe.


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  2. LOL.

    I seem to have been slammed with the spam. I had 115 in my spam net. The others must have got through because the net was so full.

    The cheeky pests.


  3. There’s a more sophisticated approach now as well. They open up a wordpress website and use it to visit others sites to leave comments. Sneaky devils.


  4. Aren’t they just!


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