I'm really busy at the moment with packing for the house move next week and my mind is totally cluttered with all the things I have to remember to do. This is resulting in me stressing at everything that moves or speaks. And even if it doesn't move and it stays right where it is in the same spot as it's always been, it isn't safe from my temper this week. I banged my head on a kitchen cupboard door yesterday and I whacked it back and told it to P*$$ off. Shamefully my daughter was in the kitchen at the time so now I have guilt to argue with too.

So. Meditation – supposed to be detox for the mind. There are lots of relaxation methods. My friend FD meditates and she uses certain techniques that have become personal to her and she won't divulge her particular form to me. She says I have to find my own method but I don't know where to start. Yoga is very good for relaxation. Music – also good for cleansing the mind. There are many specific CD's available that help to de-stress and de-fog the head.  Both have worked for me in the past but I just can't seem to get it back at the moment.  Have you ever tried to empty your head completely? It's not so easy. Random thoughts just pop in there. And just to complicate things more, there are lots of different types of meditation! There's transcendental meditation, vipassana mediation, kinamantra…. there's even a laughing meditation. (Like the sound of that one. Laughing is definitely good therapy). But just reading up on all the different forms is mashing my brain and leaving me with a headache. I'm defeated before I've even started.

Anyway, I haven't time to sit humming mantra's with my legs tied in knots while the kids run riot. My mind can take a holiday some other time. I'm off to start a fight with some boxes upstairs before they get me first. They're all out to make life harder for me.


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  1. Posted by clare on May 20, 2006 at 9:21 pm

    No need for meditation when you come over here, Pal! The laughter may kill ya, though! MMMmmmwwwaaaaa!!!!!


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