Cue the Lightning

I was driving along a country lane this evening listening to Radio 2. The Royal Philharmonic was playing Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyries when, right on cue to add dramatic effect, the heavens opened and the thunder and lightning came right in time to the music. It was eerily awesome. A Rice/Webber effort couldn’t have choreographed it better.

Re-watched a couple of great films this weekend: First one was The Truman Show which is just about one of the best movies ever. It tells a tale of our times, high-lighting our addiction to reality TV (I call it voyeurism) and the power of the media. Oh, and the unethical use of product placement. It’s an original and intriguing film with a great music score too. Ed Harris plays a brilliant character in Christof….“We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” Superb!

The other film is Three Kings. Funny, sad, violent and a lot of dark satire. It’s set just after the first Gulf war and Saddam during the reign of George Bush the first. A group of US soldiers decide to hunt down some Kuwaiti gold stolen by Saddam’s army but along the way they find their morals constantly challenged by the Iraqi situation. They begin to see the American involvement from the Iraqi perspective…how the US set them up to rise against Saddam but then refused to support their revolt. Although ultimately and inevitably of course, in this small group of soldiers the Americans are the heroes, it does have a huge dig at Bush, America, their double standards and their addiction to oil.

And I did get some boxes packed.


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