Taking a Break…

Not that I can afford to. I'm quickly finding out just how late I've left this packing up to move lark!

Anyhoo, just been having a wander around the internet and spotted an interesting bit of news about the 80's electro-pop band The Pet Shop Boys. I realise I'm a bit behind the times here but it seems that they've jumped on the political protest band-wagon (haha) and have made a "message" album entitled Fundamental. It features a song called I'm With Stupid in reference to Bush and Blair. Another track – Integral, sings about the latest government civil liberties theft, ie, identity cards…."If you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear. If you've got something to hide, you shouldn't even be here".

I'm really not at all into The Pet Shop Boys but I do like a good old protest song with a political message. I feel a Billy Bragg moment coming on. Certainly won't be blasting this latest PSB one out to keep me company while I pack up. I'm in the mood for some James, Placebo, Bob Marley, some loud and brash 70's disco and….well there's always a time and a place for Cat Stevens. Now there's a diverse collection.



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  1. Posted by clare on May 24, 2006 at 8:12 pm

    I heard that song on Today FM last week. It’s dreadful. I didn’t pay any attention to the lyrics, but just thought…..”Come on lads, do something a bit different!” Most of their songs sound similar. (‘Its a Sin’ is BRILLIANT!)


  2. I can’t remember a single one of the PSB’s songs that I liked. They really weren’t my thing. Neil Tennant used to be the assistant editor of my beloved favorite music rag Smash Hits. I thought he was really cool until he started making music. I didn’t expect him to be so pop-orientated.


  3. Posted by clare on May 24, 2006 at 10:16 pm

    Oh, yes! I recognise the name, now. I used to listen to the Top 40 on Sundays and singalong to any song which Smash Hits had written the lyrics to! There was another mag which had lyrics, can you remember it?


  4. Can’t recall it. NME used to publish random song lyrics in their magazine but it wasn’t exclusively a lyrics mag.


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