This really annoys!

Well, for the past two weeks or so I've had no internet connection because we've moved into a new house and thanks to the inefficiencies of that great British institution – BT, I am still waiting to have my phone line connected.   What really annoys me is that British Telecom – once the greatest public monopoliser of all things telecommunicable, is still allowed, it appears, to privately monopolise communication services on new estates.  Other providers such as NTL are not invited to get stuck in prior to building work commencing and won't be given the chance to provide services for two years after the estates are completed because apparently the roads aren't allowed to be dug up for two years. 

We have to be connected via BT and we have to use their phone services for the first three months at least.  We don't need to use their broadband services but we need them to connect our phone line before we can have any internet connection. 

A mutual appointment was made for them to connect us last Friday morning and by 3.30pm when there was still no sight or sound of an engineer, I called them and was told that the engineers could not come and would not be able to come for another two weeks.

So…much to my gross disdain, we are still at the mercy of British Telecom for our internet and phone activity. 


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by clare on June 13, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    Stop whingeing! At least you have time to unpack!


  2. Plurp!!!!

    Got loads done today.


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