I lost my little boy in town on Saturday.  He was gone for what couldn't have been more than six minutes but they felt like a life-time.

I was marching on ahead, in a rush, telling him to keep up with me.  I turned around and he was gone.  Turns out he'd stopped to find a bin to put his empty water bottle in and in that small time I'd rushed on unaware.  Yes, I'm totally ashamed.  And I made a total twerp of myself because I panicked big style.  I was frantically looking up and down for him shouting his name out…loud, very loud.  In contrast, my little girl who was with me was composed and organised.  She took me to the management office which was closed.  We found a cleaner who got on his radio to request the security people to come forward which they did.  They sent out a message for him to go to the security office and then told me to stay in the same place but for some reason I felt compelled to go to my car.  I headed there and there he was.  He was with a young couple who had stayed with him because he was distressed. 

My car was parked on a multi-storey car-park and even I have trouble finding my car each time I return to it.  But he had found it straight away.  Clever boy.

I hugged and kissed him when I got to him, much to his embarrassment because the young couple had a little girl with them and so this, along with his distressed state, caused his coolness level to plummet.

We had a chat that night about what to do if he finds himself lost again.  I gave him a list of the safest people to approach in such a situation – a lady with a pram, a police-officer/security person or a shop-worker. 

But the main thing is for me to keep hold of his hand at all times.

He said to me this morning during our morning snuggle in bed, "I will always love you mum…even when you're dead."  !!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on June 22, 2006 at 2:09 pm

    Visions of abduction crossed your mind, didn’t it? I have a fear of my youngest girl going off with a complete stranger at the thought of a tempting bag of sweeties. I’m sure she would.



  2. I know. My imagination was running wild. It’s amazing how many different scenarios went through my head in that five minutes.


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