Sports Day

It was my children’s school sports day this afternoon and for as long as I have known the school they attend, they’ve never had the traditional sports day with the relay races, the egg and spoon races, the sprints and so on.  What they do instead is have an assortment of twelve mini obstacle courses positioned around the field.  They have twelve teams comprising of members of every school year and including every single pupil.   Each team completes an obstacle course and the team leader takes their score to the tally point.  Then each team moves along to the next course until all the teams have completed all the courses.  At the end, the scores are counted up and a team third, second and first place is awarded.

This style of school sports day promotes the team spirit/team effort ethos and is totally inclusive.  And it gets rid of that “same old winners” syndrome whereby the same predictable star pupils (you know the ones I mean – the confident, pushy, competitive types who always get picked to play Mary or Joseph, or an angel rather than a shepherd).  Anyway, the ones who win every race, year after year leaving the little tubby ones or the shy, quiet ones coming in huffing and puffing at the back, hating every minute of it.

Most important of all, the kids love it!


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