Ten annoying things

  1. Getting home from the shops with a car full of groceries to find you have visitors and they’ve parked on the drive.
  2. Sneezing just seconds after applying mascara.  Girls…you’ll empathise with me here.
  3. Having a rare but fantastic hair day, managing to get my hair silky smooth and straight, then walking out of the door into a downpour resulting in a mass of curls.
  4. Big Brother.
  5. Fussy, overbearing parents who think their own children can’t do any wrong and it’s always somebody elses kid who’s at fault.
  6. Engaged phones.
  7. Taps left running, I find this a lot in public loo’s.
  8. Litter louts who throw trash out of car windows, especially those who empty their ash trays onto the pavement.
  9. Unscooped dog poo.
  10. Two-faced people.
  11. People who queue-jump.  I used to do this a lot outside nightclubs.  Hard to believe I never got my head bashed in.
  12. Internet dial-up.
  13. Sad endings.  Worse still…unexplained endings.
  14. People who interrupt an ongoing conversation.
  15. Cup handles that aren’t strategically placed on the shelf.
  16. Running out of wine.
  17. Noses and ears that itch whilst washing the dishes.
  18. Telephone menu’s with a million options, then another million more options – then being cut off.
  19. British Telecom.
  20. Daleks.
  21. Gutter press.
  22. Football.
  23. Jeremy Clarkeson.
  24. Coat hangers.
  25. People who can’t count.

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on July 6, 2006 at 11:12 pm

    Leave Jeremy alone. I admire the man so much. He takes a lot of stick from so many people. Whats the problem? He has a job to do, thats all.


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