He’s really trying to get that liberal vote isn’t he.  He might well win the liberal vote but he’ll lose the Tory vote in the process.  The Tory voters will never allow such open-minded and compassionate tolerance towards our youth…better leave that to wishy-washy liberal types. 

I agree with much of what Cameron has said today about our youth and anti-social behaviour but his suggestion that kids wear hoodies as a form of defence is probably only a part of the picture.  It’s just as likely that they’re worn as a form of defiance…good old teenage rebellion; that and the fact that kids will always stick to their peer group uniform.  Anyhoo, I heard tonight that a head teacher of some school somewhere has made the hoodie a part of their school uniform so the hoodie cool factor will probably plummet fast.

Still find it hard to believe that Cameron is genuine about this.  I can’t help thinking it’s just another publicity headline grabber and he certainly has a talent for getting himself talked about.  Gotta give him that.


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  1. Amusing commentary by Polly Toynbee regarding Cameron’s fling with the hoodie in today’s Guardian:,,1817515,00.html


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