I’m wondering…

….when the Israeli government has finished dropping leaflets warning people to flee then bizarrely destroying exit points…when it’s finished destroying civilian infastructures – killing civilians along the way and hindering aid and evacuation…when it has finished creating even more refugees and causing wholesale misery and wretchedness…whose going to clean up the mess?

Hezbollah may have started this (although nobody seems to think the beach picnic incident may have aggravated things just a touch) and the Israeli’s have every right to defend themselves but there’s defense and there is deliberate and indiscriminate action and these blatant yet totally unconfronted violations of humanitarian international law are quite stunning to witness.

Two weeks away from the news and as ever, our great leaders are still failing to act.  The Americans continually block efforts by vetoeing all things UN that moves or speaks, and the rest of us let them. What happened at the Saint Petersburg G8 summit?  Don’t even want to go there.  Politics before people as usual. 

Blair talks big and he is very articulate but he’s also a fool.  The UN suggested that Blair takes a back seat in this current Israel/Lebanon crisis and they are spot on.  A UK/US alliance on anything to to with this really is a bad thing.  Isn’t that obvious?


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