Holiday Reading

I didn’t manage to read as many books as I took with me but the three I got through and the one I’m still reading were/are all super:-

Angels and Demons – Dan Brown: I started this book ages ago but never seemed to find the time to get stuck into it.  I’m so glad I eventually found the time because I really enjoyed it.  What a superb novel.  I honestly couldn’t put it down.  It has a totally unpredictable but logical ending of which I really didn’t have a clue.  It kept me guessing and guessing right up to the astonishing but somehow perfect conclusion.

The Battersea Park Road to Enlightenment – Isobel Losada: Again, superb.  Isobel brilliantly relates her experiences along her path of personal development.  She manages to combine a perfect mix of wit and humour with a touch of romance and she cleverly exaggerates in all the right places to describe some of her more hilarious experiences.  And all written with a perfect amount of humble sensitivity and warm compassion.  I love her.  I wish it was my story.  I almost wish I was her!!

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time – Mark Haddon: I’ve had this book for ages – so long in fact, that I wasn’t sure if I’d actually read it or not.  But I hadn’t.  And oh, how I warmed to the hero of this story who is a teenage boy with Asperger Syndrome. It’s a funny, clever, sad and brave story that really touched my heart.  I believe it to be an importantly insightful and beautiful, beautiful story.  My daughter is now reading it and she can’t put it down.

A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian – Marina Lewycka: My sister-in-law lent me this book on holiday and I’m only part way through so I can’t give a full opinion until I’ve finished it except to say that, so far it is very enjoyable.


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