Everything I have read this morning has irritated me.  The news is deeply depressing, the weekend mags are full of tripe and even some of the other blogs I’ve read have been gloomy. 

So.  This weekend, I’m going to learn from FD’s philosophy and I’m going to keep away from everything that makes me feel bad, I’m going to avoid all negative vibes and rise above destructive emotions.  Probably means I’ll have to bury my head deep into the muddy sand but hey ho, whatever it takes.

I’ll start today.  My husband is planning to get the kids off to bed early tonight and cook us a nice meal.  And he’s said we’ll open the bottle of champagne that we’ve had since we moved into our new home.  The builder’s agent presented us with a huge basket when we first moved in containing champagne and French chocolate and we ceremoniously put it to one side saying we’ll save it for a special occasion.  Strange isn’t it that we always feel obliged to wait for a special occasion – that it somehow feels like we’d waste the moment if we cracked it open just for the hell of it. 

Well, we’ll have it tonight and maybe make our own special occasion. 

Feeling better already.


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