The best laid plans…

We had it all sorted yesterday.  We even bought champagne glasses for the occasion but…when kids are involved things don’t always go to plan.  Because our children missed their family Friday pizza and dvd night, they guilt-led us into watching a dvd with them.  So, we didn’t get sat down for our meal until about 9.30 pm by which time none of us felt like drinking a bottle of champagne.  So, we had the meal rather sleepily.  He made lasagne (with three sauces!!) and ciabatta bread full of olives and garlic and we shared a bottle of Merlot that we’d brought back with us from France.  So the champers and choccies remain in the fridge for another time.

As for the dvd, we watched the new Pink Panther film and it was rubbish.  Perhaps it was always going to spoilt for me because I just love the original films.  Steve Martin (who I normally like) played Clouseau and was dreadful.  He could not get the accent right at all and he looked more like Hitler.  The superb Peter Sellers is an hard act to follow anyway.  Kevin Kline played Inspector Dreyfuss and again, the accent was dire.  Beyonce played a role too which is why my daughter wanted to see it in the first place and it seems she’s not just a good singer/dancer because her acting was not bad at all.

Having said that, I did enjoy watching it because the kids just laughed their socks off throughout the movie and when my kids laugh, it’s just so hearty and infectious that I can’t help laughing with them.


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  1. Posted by misslionheart on August 6, 2006 at 8:11 pm

    Won’t be watching that then! Steve Martin was sooo funny in Parenthood. I love the bit where he falls off the horse behind a hedge, waits a while, then jumps up and says, “Yippy-aye-ayyyyy!”


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  3. Why thank you. Yes, I do. 🙂


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