Who provoked who first? Monbiot’s analysis.

George Monbiot is a journalistic writer who I greatly admire and repect and his website articles contain some excellent observations and analyses of the current Israel/Lebanon issues (amongst many other issues).

He points out that provocation has been prevalent on both sides and suggests that Israel’s recent history of “blue line” violations, in spite of the widely accepted belief that Hezbollah “started first”, are as much a part of this ongoing feud as the “first” rockets fired by Hezbollah into Israel are.  He has a fair and valid point.  He also suggests that Israel’s action was premeditated rather than a legitimate defensive reaction to what it believed to be a direct and unprovoked attack by Hezbollah. 

In his last paragraph from this article, he presents a diplomatic (and obvious actually) alternative to the current Israeli action in Lebanon and then confronts Israeli supporters with a simple and straightforward question…

“So it is not hard to answer the question of what we would have done. First, stop recruiting enemies, by withdrawing from the occupied territories in Palestine and Syria. Second, stop provoking the armed groups in Lebanon with violations of the blue line – in particular the persistent flights across the border. Third, release the prisoners of war who remain unlawfully incarcerated in Israel. Fourth, continue to defend the border, while maintaining the diplomatic pressure on Lebanon to disarm Hizbullah (as anyone can see, this would be much more feasible if the occupations were to end). Here then is my challenge to the supporters of the Israeli government: do you dare to contend that this programme would have caused more death and destruction than the current adventure has done?”

The only thing I would add to his third point is for Lebanon to make pledges that any prisoners-of-war released by Israel who are alleged to have deliberately murdered civilians will be re-tried in appropriately neutral courts.  And I would be particularly uncomfortable about the release of  Samir Kuntar, the man who openly admitted the deliberate killing of a four year old girl by hitting her head with a rifle butt.  Despicable pig!!


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  1. Posted by catboy on August 10, 2006 at 12:23 pm

    This blog gets better and better.

    Keep it up.


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