Who needs men?

We bought our little boy a desk for his new bedroom and my nephew kindly said he would fix it up for me.  Well he did – sort of.  He put the carcass together and promised to come back and finish the rest later.  Of course, he never did.  So, deciding that I will wait forever if I wait for him, I got stuck in this afternoon and it wasn’t long before it dawned on me that my “laid back – not a care in the world” nephew had not read the instructions first and the fixtures for the drawer and the cupboard and the shelf within the cupboard were supposed to be fitted prior to putting the carcass together. 

There was no way that I could take it apart to start again because it was so well put together (gotta give him credit there) and doing this would weaken it anyway.  So…not one to be beaten, I set to, determined that it could still be done. 

What a task! I had to crouch and twist and contort myself to get to the awkward places and there were about a million screws of all kinds of shapes and sizes to try and make sense out of.  And…….this is a biggie for me – I used one of those power driver things!!  Those things have always frightened the bloody life out of me.  Now it’s my best friend.  And I had a tool belt tied round my waste holding all my bits and bobs.  Looked the proper DIY’er.  Hubby will be so proud…if he actually believes it!

And now Josh has his new desk all set up and ready to be scratched, marked, coloured with felt tip pens, spilt with paint and glue and stickered up to high heaven. 

In’t mum brilliant!  


3 responses to this post.

  1. The cupboard door isn’t flush and it won’t close properly. Hmphhh.


  2. Posted by misslionheart on August 12, 2006 at 10:00 pm

    I have a similar problem, Earthpal. The toilet in the en-suite wont ‘flush’ 😆


  3. Lol. That must be pretty unpleasant for you all.


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