I’m almost halfway through the Ukrainian Tractors book but I’ve temporarily suspended reading it because I found a book yesterday on a ward book stall which I started reading in my break and I just can’t put it down. 

It’s called Mirage and it’s written by Bandula Chandraratna.  He’s also written a sequel called Eye for an Eye which no doubt I will look out for when I’ve finished this one.

Interestingly (for me*), the main character of the book is an Arab who works as a pathology porter and parts of the story are set in the hospital lab where he works and even the rarely heard of Phlebotomists get a mention.

The story itself is set in an unnamed Muslim country and the character’s background is extremely humble but very pure.  It’s mostly a love story I think but a love story against all the odds that ends in tragedy.  (I’m not spoiling anything there because even the blurb tells us this much).

“We need novels as lucid, moving and compassionate as this one.”  Boyd Tonkin, INDEPENDENT

“A little masterpiece, beautiful, a testimony to decency and courage in the face of such oppression, such hardship.” Doris Lessing, TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

*I work in a hospital under the Pathology directorate as a Phlebotomist, hence the interest there.


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