Wise Man

Yesterday I spoke about my chat with my lovely lady friend.  Well, today me and FD chatted with a middle-aged Muslim man and he was very interesting to listen to.

He spoke about current global events and about how his religion is relevant to it all.  He spoke of his sorrow about the pursuit of power and of greed and corruption.  He condemned suicide bombers, saying that if they so strongly objected to Western policies and interference andthe Israel/Palestine issue (and he believed they had just cause to object), wouldn’t it be far more merciful if they read out a letter declaring that they are committing suicide as a desperate and final protest, then went out into the desert alone to carry out their suicide mission?  He could not comprehend the mentality behind the killing of innocent people to make their point.  He said it was not Islamic to kill innocent people. 

And he said it was God’s will that Muslims who hold prisoners should treat them humanely and with respect.  Any other way is against God’s will.  He quoted the Koran and the Bible saying that God’s love for us is seven times greater than a mothers love for her children.  He said that God has provided for us in abundance and that it hurts him (and God) to see everyone always taking more than they need from this planet.

He told us that anything done in temper can never have a good outcome and Muslims are taught that when they get these feelings of anger they should sit down or they should drink a glass of water or eat a piece of fruit.   Wise words indeed.

He also gave us an analogy – if he were to attack FD and take her jewellery, take her watch and her purse in a moment of temper and then later feel remorseful about it; if she were to see him again and pass him by in distrust and dislike, what if he was to then apologise to FD; give her flowers – tell her how sorry he was but not actually return her belongings to her, would she accept the apology? Of course she wouldn’t.  She would still, quite rightly, feel aggrieved.  Yes, we both agreed with this and then he asked us to compare this to the 1967 land occupation of The West Bank and The Gaza.  Well, the Israeli’s know they illegally did this.  They also say they only want to live in peace with their neighbours.  But they have yet to fully return the land they still occupy. So yes, I believe this is a fair comparison.    

He also spoke of the one-eyed beast which he believed to be television. He believed that the TV is the source through which we are brainwashed into our viewpoints and which feeds us trash that we gladly absorb.  Not far wrong there methinks. 

He was very impressed with FD, not least because she can speak a little Urdu, and he said…hehehehe…that she should be Prime Minister. 

A wise and good man and an enlightening and interesting chat.  Oh, and I did get my work done…honestly.


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