UNICEF asks us to take action…

For those who are concerned about the decision to repatriate 500 child asylum seekers, UNICEF are asking us to contact our local MP in protest at this mad decision.


Let’s remember that many of these children are in their early teens.  Now, in my world, even in the most fortunate of circumstances, that is a very naive and vulnerable age and to be made to endure such abuse and exploition at such a tender age is unthinkable.  

Think of your own son or daughter at the age of 13, 14, 15, 16…imagine you died and they were left alone and subsequently snatched off the street, forcefully taken to a foreign country and shoved into a brothel or a drugs factory, refused refuge and then forced to return to further risk of exploitation?  Would you consider them to be “adult” enough to fend for themselves?  No.  They are minors.  Children. You would hope above everything that the officials would step in and protect them.

Now we can either send them right back into the danger, letting them spiral into a ever-circling world of drugs and prostitution with little hope of escape and a high likelihood of harm or…seeing as they have ended up on our doorstep through no choice of their own…we can give them a fighting chance to turn into respectful adults with some hope.

Simple really isn’t it.


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