I am off work this morning because today my eldest daughter gets her GCSE results. 

It’s now 10.15 am and she’s that eager to find out how she did that she is still in bed!!  Fair enough, she did her first days work yesterday…just casual work which will fit in with college.  It’s at our local football ground in the executive suite.  She was supposed to be waiting on at tables but she came home last night thoroughly exhausted, feet swollen and blistered and tearfully told me that they had her doing all sorts of jobs…washing up (“not my job!”), serving coffee (“not my job!”) etc, etc… I told her that newbies always get a bad deal at first…given all the dirty work etc..  It’s a test of character, that sort of thing.  Personally, I think she was just dead beat.  I mean – a days work! On her feet for eight hours – a shocking first for her! Bless her.  She’ll get used to it.  She’ll have to; she can no longer depend on her parents for her spending money. 

Back to her results. We promised her rewards for good grades.  We’ve always rewarded her for achievements and she’s come to expect it now.  Part of me regrets setting such a precedent because, well basically, she’s not actually doing it for us, she’s doing it for herself…she will be the one to benefit from academic success.  Of course, I’m sure she wants to make us proud too and so far, we are…very.  I suppose it’s encouraging her to understand the merits of hard work paying off; meritocracy and all that.

Anyway, last night she rather tentatively asked me if she would be rewarded for ‘C’ grades…”because after all, it’s still a pass isn’t it!!!”.  (She needs four B’s to get onto her chosen courses at college).  Yes, C is still a pass but I said good grades would bring extra reward.  Financial bribery encouragement is all a bit pointless if she knows she’s going to get rewarded whatever the results because that negates the incentive to aim higher. 

Having said all that, I’m not really being fair to her because I do believe that she wants to do well – for herself.  She is aware of the benefits of having educational qualifications rather than not and that it will all hopefully pay off later.  I know she feels that this is more of an incentive for her than a little token reward from her family.  I also know that if she doesn’t do as well as she hopes I will have to be ready with the tissues and I will have to be very careful what I say because I always seem to say the wrong thing.

Anyway, good luck sweetie.

And since finishing this, she’s just dragged herself out of bed and asked to use my mobile (she never has credit!!) to text her friend to find out what time she’s going to school to collect her results. 


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