Finally got round to watching this film and I’m glad I did.

It’s very thought-provoking on so many levels; it delves into our human weaknesses and illustrates how easy it can be to become a victim of circumstance.  It reminds us that there is good and bad in each and everyone of us and that we are all guilty of forming pre-conceived prejudices and perceptions (try saying that fast) of each other when in fact, everyone has their own story to tell behind their outward personality – always a good reason not to judge others quite so quickly or quite so harshly. 

And it even manages to sneak in a subtle but sensitive message regarding the desperate plight of illegal immigrants.  

It highlights racism and bigotry from all sides and shows that much of this is due to misunderstanding and misconceptions.  But there’s hope – it shows how our natural human compassion can give us the courage to overcome our fear and intolerances. 

It shocked me once or twice…a couple of things I didn’t see coming, but all in all, a heartwarming, compassionate and very honest film.  An important film I think.


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