My daughter has chosen Philosophy as one of her A level college courses this year and the one book she is required to have from the start is Plato’s The Republic.

Looking around for this book brought me to a few more fascinating books on the same subject which got the old synapses firing.  My limited brain space is now clogged up with the fussiness of everyday life but I did used to be a bit of a natural philosopher (you don’t need to be an intellectual highbrow to puzzle over the mysteries of life).  From an early age I would often ponder and meditate over the why’s and the wherefore’s of anything and everything.  I never formally studied it but I did read a book a few years ago by Jostein Gaarder (sounds like an international version of my son’s full name!!) called Sophie’s World and I found it fascinating.  It was made more important to me because it plugged the environmental issue.  In all honesty, at times I got bored and found it heavy going although it’s said to be a simplistic book with child readers in mind!  Hmphh!!

This review described it as a “one size fits all” account of philosophy and I would probably agree but I would add that it makes a great “beginners” book. 

Anyhoo…I’m looking forward to my daughter bringing her work home.  I feel a philosophical phase coming on.


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