Random People and Indulgence

When I’m shopping in town with my children, we sometimes pass the luxury ice-cream kiosk and if my kids clock it, they drag me over and I treat them to a fancy ice-cream.  Sometimes, but not often, I’ll have one myself.  But certainly never by myself. 

Well today, with the kids back at school, I was in town alone and I passed said ice-cream stand.  After arguing with myself for a few minutes about the acceptability of indulging in such pleasures without my kids, I found myself standing there ordering the biggest one they do…

“Would you like any topping love?”

“Yes please.”

“Well which one then?”

“All of them!”

“All of them???”


“Grumble – tut…another loopy pre-menstrual woman.”

So with a sigh, he proceeded to dunk my extra large, softie, curly ice-cream into each tray….the marshmallows, the sherbet, the chocolate bits, the jelly-tots, smarties, nuts, biscuit, the lot.  It was huge.  I kid you not.

I sat down on a nearby bench and got stuck in.  It was sooo good.

Anyhoo…sitting there licking away and people-watching, I was amazed at all the random people who sat by me.  And I was even more amazed at the number who actually chatted to me.

There was this young, tracksuited couple in the middle of a love-fight who were not in the least bit shy about their little domestic scrap.   Lot’s of unrestrained wailing from her and much use of the eff word from him.  This will give you an idea of how it went

“Hey G-friend!  Get off ma case!  You’re mashing me ‘ead woman!” 

“Well she does fancy you and she’s a right slag!!”

They moved on.  Phew!

Then there was the huffing and puffing, overworked Asian woman.  Looked to be about aged forty plus.  Large lady and lovely too.  Long coat, head scarf and strappy high-heeled sandals. Lot’s of carrier bags.  She dropped down heavily beside me with a huge sigh of relief.  I smiled at her and she shook her head at me.  She told me about all the bargains she had made then she went on to tell me about everything she had to do that day…go home, prepare food, get her sons ready for mosque, prepare more food, pray.  I had to really concentrate and listen intently because she had a strong Asian accent.  She told me all about her son in London who is a barrister no less and how proud she is of him and about her other son who hasn’t spoken to his father for three years because of a family argument and how it breaks her heart and every day she prays to Allah to reunite them.  Then she brought up the terrorism issue and here she seemed to feel a need to convince me that her family is totally against terrorism and bombings around the world and that it is not the way of Islam.  And that George Bush is a bad man!  I liked her very much.

Another bench co-habitator was a stressed-out mum with her rather hyperactive son.  He was so sweet but I could see that the poor mum had her hands full with him.  She told me he had recently been diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).  From what I observed of her handling of the child, she was remarkably calm for the most part but I did detect a few strained moments.  Quite understandable. We chatted for a while about our children.  She said she had two more at school and she informed me that their father left when their youngest son’s behavioural problem became apparent and she’d struggled since to get an official diagnosis and further support which is now, thank goodness, finally starting to happen.

Gosh!  It’s amazing what people will reveal about their personal life to a complete stranger.  Who needs Jerry Springer?   Reminds me of a wonderful line from that James song – Sit Down…. “Those who find themselves ridiculous, sit down next to me.”  I dunno though.  With me sat there – billy-no-mates, face full of ice cream and dripping melted chocolate down my front, I think the words should say…”Those who find someone ridiculous, sit down next to them.”

People are poetry.


8 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by DavidCameron'sHamster on September 7, 2006 at 12:50 pm

    What a beautiful post.

    What a great blog.


  2. Thank you.

    Hamsters can read now??  Must be David Cameron’s newly developed liberal values – equal education opportunities for all/animal rights etc.!

    The ice-cream bit was slightly exaggerated, but only in an attempt to fulfill my ice-cream fantasy. The cornet nazi would only allow me three of the toppings. I think he was worried that scraping the ice-cream in every tray would cross-contaminate the goodies or something and make a sloppy mess.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on September 7, 2006 at 8:00 pm

    I just *loved* reading that!
    Very humorous post Earthy


  4. Thanks hon.

    Those random people were just so lovely.

    People really are poetry. Has that been said before? Can I claim it?


  5. Posted by misslionheart on September 9, 2006 at 10:59 am

    No you can’t…I said it!


  6. No you didn’t! Prove it!


  7. Posted by misslionheart on September 9, 2006 at 10:02 pm

    I’ll show you when I sort my widget!


  8. Looking forward to it.


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