The appalling and heartbreaking events in Darfur and the ongoing genocide (yes, I go along with those who believe genocide should be the officially accepted definition) received widespread publicity due to the tireless efforts of the aid agencies organising yesterdays world marches.  All helped along by the wonderful George Clooney, who is quite justifiably exploiting his celebrity status to highlight a cause and let’s face it, in this Hollywood, star struck world, fame always helps.  He’s urging the UN to deploy UN peacekeepers into the region in time for the departure of the 7000 African Union peacekeepers who are already insitu there.  These AU peacekeepers have to leave at the end of this month when their mandate expires and once they leave, if they are not replaced, there will be no doubt or discrepancy as to whether the situation is correctly defined as ‘genocide’. 

There are problems in that the Sudanese dictatorship is unwilling to allow the UN peacekeepers in and it’s been said that Osama Bin Laden has also warned the UN to keep out.  But we can’t just stand back, helplessly shaking our heads and sadly observe another genocide, can we.  The Sudanese government must be persuaded to allow the peacekeepers in and I hear that the chances of this working would be greatly advanced if China, who has close ties with Sudan, showed support for it. 

Brendan Cox, director of Crisis Action said this about yesterday’s Darfur Day of Action: “What you saw was the coming together of Muslims, Christians and Jews with a very clear single message. The situation is on the edge – we are looking into the abyss. The international community has to live up to its responsibilities.”


I’m a bit late with this but hey ho…the UK government has taken the decision to temporarily withhold its pledged £50m from the World Bank in protest of the ‘conditions’ that the World Bank and the IMF impose on poorer countries making it almost impossible for those countries to run their own affairs.  Instead, the loans, contracts etc. that are needed to sustain their society, come with ‘strings attached’.  Paul Wolfowitz, leader of the world bank (specifically chosen by George Bush in order to maintain US interests), argues that the restrictive economic conditions imposed are the only way to eliminate corrupt governments but (a), the poor shouldn’t be made to suffer for the actions of their government and (b), it’s not coincidental that these conditions (trading restrictions and subsidies) are to the advantage of big business in the West, not to mention all the prosperous American farmers who also happen to be Republican voters….who also happen to be generous campaign contributors.  T’is hard not to be cynical.  Anyhoo, it’s making a principle of the thing.


 instantkarmafilms.jpg “Instant Karma Films”  has made the first carbon-neutral television advert.  Interesting.

 P.S. …the rainbow is a symbol of hope.  Here’s hoping….


3 responses to this post.

  1. That rainbow pic is pretty awful.


  2. The rainbow – it’s actually not so bad in daylight.


  3. Well you may have heard, the African Union have today extended their mandate and will stay insitu until the end of the year.

    Although their presence doesn’t seem to be having much of an effect because the pillaging and murder is ongoing as we speak.


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