Green Party Autumn Conference 2006


21st to 24th September

Download the agenda here and the media highlights here

Green party member Sian Berry said this:

“This is a really exciting time for the Green Party.  There is a real sense of momentum at the moment, and we welcome the  rise of the Green agenda. In recent general and local elections, we  have had enormous success with record numbers of Green Councillors  now taking real action on the ground in support of the environment  and social justice. I hope to help build on that in the next couple  of years and help us to achieve even greater success.

“People recognise that there is only one authentic and original Green  voice, and it’s flattering for us that the other parties are now  attempting to echo us – in their words at least, but not in their  deeds. Make no mistake, they are a pale imitation – consistently  letting down the voters when tough decisions need to be made.

“It is only the Green Party who have both the policies and the  political will to bring about the sea change that UK politics needs  if we are to really tackle climate change and create a fairer society  at the same time. We are changing the political climate.”

She is going to “blog” her experiences of the conference here


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