My little boy’s pockets and….those knees!!

Emptied the pockets of my six year old son’s combat pants (all eight of them!!) yesterday before I threw them in the laundry.  

The contents of a little boy’s pockets tell many wonderful stories of exciting adventures…of many happy, carefree hours playing in muddy and dangerous, crocodile-infested swamps (our back garden) and climbing huge mountains (the tree across the road) in search of treasure.

Here’s what I pulled out of his pockets yesterday:

  • an assortment of Autumn leaves (which were so dry they were fast turning to dust)
  • two stones 
  • a Y-shaped stick
  • an elastic band  (stick? elastic? stones? Home-made catapult?  I asked him and he said, “what’s a catapult?”)
  • a half-eaten sweet (compulsory – there’s always a sticky, partially sucked sweet in every boy’s pocket.  It’s in the official Handbook For Little Boys)
  • some orange peel (well at least he finished the orange and left the sweet)
  • a bit of paper torn from a notepad with some secret coding (written in his barely legible, back-to-front, left-handed writing) 
  • some guinea pig food pellets
  • a toy pirate figure
  • a used plaster (I’m assuming – no, seriously hoping it was one that had been used on himself)
  • a two Euro coin 
  • a perfectly folded, unused tissue (I put one in his pocket each morning for his runny nose.  Ah, bless)

and finally….

  • lot’s of crumbs

He sets off to school every morning tidy and neat and clean – with shoes gleaming and hair groomed.  After a fifteen minute journey, I watch him running into school.  He has his Captain Jack Sparrow lunchbag and reading folder on one arm and his coat carelessly flung over his other arm, trailing through every puddle.  His hair is all tuffed up at the back, his shirt is hanging out, his shoes are dusty and he looks totally dishevelled.  And that’s before he gets through the school doors!!!

At the end of the day, he comes out of school and I know exactly what he’s eaten for lunch and whether he’s been painting that day, just by looking at his jumper.  And his legs!!  They are always filthy!  Absolutely.  His knees – I scrub them mercilessly and I can never get them totally clean.  I look around at all his classmates coming out of school and they look fine. 

My own son……muddy, sweaty, dusty and dirty. 

But happy. 

I love him. 


5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on September 21, 2006 at 8:06 am

    Great post Earthie! Reminds me of Denis the Menace,,,


  2. Thanks hon.

    He does look very handsome when he’s scrubbed up and do you know what? He recently asked me to get him some hair gel. Hmmm.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on September 21, 2006 at 7:59 pm

    Ah,bless. My little one goes to school with her hair neat. When I collect her, she’s taken it down and done it herself without a hairbrush! 🙄


  4. My daughter does that too. So sweet.


  5. […] take note of the dirty knees there.  Remember me writing about those dirty knees and his pockets?  Well here’s the proof.  The picture there doesn’t show the dirt in a true light […]


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