My little boy has recently took an interest in the Dr. Who series and of course, he’s getting into all the “must have” merchandise that is produced with it.

His birthday is coming up and today we were looking for ideas for his pressy and we saw, on a website, a huge remote controlled Dalek

When I was a little girl, those things really scared me.  I mean really scared me.  And when I saw that dalek today, I felt that long forgotten chill creep right through my body.  

I used to watch the dalek scenes through my fingers, usually with my eyes screwed tightly shut but I could never shut out those horrible voices.  They were really loud and shrill and they used to scream the word – “Ex-ter-min-ate”.  Shuddering right now.


My kids can’t believe I was so scared of them.  They think Daleks are funny.  FUNNY???  Kids today!  Way too desensitised!


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