Been going through my little boy’s pockets again and this time all I found were conkers.  Loads of them.  It’s that time of year.   It reminds me of my brother who was the all-time conkering champion.  Every year, he thrashed his mates and earned quite a reputation for himself as the conker champ.  He had nerves of steel when it came to smashing those conkers.  Bashed and bruised knuckles meant nothing to him.  He just didn’t feel it.  No protective goggles and gloves for my brother.  He was ruthless.  And what’s more, he had no qualms at all about how much he hurt his opponents.  He just aimed for the conker with a single determination and any fingers that were caught in the crossfire were a fair price to pay.  As for the conkers – there was nothing left of them after he’d finished smashing them to a pulp. 

And he would tend to his conkers like a baby.   I kid you not, he would spend ages polishing them all and the biggest one, his prize conker, he would guard with his life.  We were not allowed anywhere near it.  I’m surprised he never had it mounted on the wall like some kind of prize trophy. 

Me and my son have been sticking holes through conkers with a screwdriver and we’ve threaded string through, all ready for competing with.  Maybe we”ll see if my son is to inherit his uncles talent and take his position as Conker King of the North.   I doubt it.  He doesn’t seem to have a desire to play against others with them.  He doesn’t even seem to have heard of the game.  He just likes collecting them.

Anyway, haven’t conker games been banned yet as a hazardous sport?


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  1. Posted by misslionheart on October 18, 2006 at 9:52 pm

    Brilliant! My three younger brothers all had conker fights, I steered clear! But aren’t they great? It sooo reminds me of when we lived in that big house where there were two or three horse-chestnut trees at the back, hence,*loads* of conkers. More happy days…thanks! x


  2. Thanks ML.

    I played conkers last night with both J and A and they loved it. We giggled away and *clonked* each others knuckles (and our own) a million times. Nobody managed to break any conkers. In fact, we rarely even managed to hit them, we mostly tangled the strings together, but it was fun trying.

    Josh says he’s going to take them to school today and show his friends how to play. Not sure how that will be recieved by the teachers but we shall see.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on October 19, 2006 at 10:50 pm

    Any broken bones?


  4. I have to confess I have no idea what a conker is or how you play with them. I don’t think we have them in Australia. Can you please explain? Maybe I can start something here.


  5. Hi Pocket,

    Conkers are the seeds that fall off Horse Chestnut trees in abundance every Autumn. They’re little brown round things.

    The game of conkers is a traditional playground game mainly played by boys. Each Autumn, they go around the woodlands collecting conkers. They stick holes through these conkers and thread string through the hole. One boy holds his conker with the string and his opponent tries to whack it with his own conker. Then they take turns at whacking each others conker unntil they hit it. If they hit, they get another go. If they miss, it’s the opponents turn. I think the aim of the game is to smash as many conkers as possible.

    There are more rules involved but I can’t remember exactly what they are.

    Sounds like fun huh? Lol


  6. Posted by misslionheart on October 20, 2006 at 9:57 pm

    I’m so sad, I looked it up on the net and came up with loads of stuff! Some pics too…
    Miss ya Earthie


  7. Miss you too ML. Will be back on form again very soon.

    No broken bones as yet. I think the novelty has worn off now. I reckon he was having feelings of divided loyalty between his Gameboy Advance, his beloved pirate ship and his fearsome dragon.


  8. Posted by misslionheart on October 20, 2006 at 10:57 pm

    😆 I have this all to look forward to with No.4
    Cant wait…..


  9. I haven’t seen any chestnut trees around my area. I understand the game it is like slaps sought of. Sounds fun, slightly hazardous and I guess thats why only boys play.


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