Green Legislation

Tony Blair is being urged to introduce a Climate Change Bill in the Queen’s Speech next month and there is overwhelming political and NGO support for this new law which would bindingly commit us to CO2 reductions and consequently develop a low carbon economy of which the world will hopefully follow. 

Friends of the Earth lobby message board here.

Green MEP Jean Lambert said in an unrelated newsletter from the Green party…

 “What concerns me now is the preparation for future generations. Britain’s workforce lacks the skills to meet the demands of evolving technologies and ideas – without it our progression will be extremely limited. There is not currently a coherent strategy for the training of our workforce at both EU and Government levels but it is vital that we implement a green strategy to meet environmental goals.”

Very good point.  If we are to meet our CO2 reduction targets which will mean more solar panelled homes, wind turbines and suchlike, we will need skilled workers to fit them.  So maybe our governments should implement and fund Green training schemes or apprenticeships for our youngsters. 

I remember Ms Lambert arguing previously that the environment should be integrated into all social and employment policies both in the UK and at EU levels.  A report she conducted found that (paraphrasing) many young people from economically and socially excluded backgrounds were very concerned about environmental issues.  (I can’t provide links because I get the info from newsletters that I recieve via email) .  So…here is a great idea and an ideal opportunity to adopt much needed social inclusion strategies that would also benefit the fight against climate change.  

Back to legislation which we desperately need, not just here in the UK, but internationally, because voluntary rather than mandatory participation is never going to work.   I reckon that’s partly why Kyoto failed…because the targets set relied mainly on trust.  As I said in a previous post… “We have Kyoto targets which are set to fail because no one has ever really been committed enough to implement them.”  Countries were encouraged to meet targets rather than made to and it was just too flexible. 

On a more individual level, amazingly, people are still not recycling.  I know of people who are quite blatant about this.  I am so glad that the council is going to start charging for excess waste now because there is just no excuse for not recycling.   It’s never been easier.  Our council has an excellent recycling service.  We are provided with a box for plastic, glass, tins and cans and a sack for paper and cardboard –  all of which are collected weekly from outside our homes.  We can also have, if we wish, a compost bin.  So it really couldn’t be easier.  It’s totally immoral and irresponsible to trash recyclable goods now.   My sister-in-law openly admitted to me this weekend when we were having dinner that she puts everything in her bin.  She recycles nothing.  I felt myself hastily scrambling onto my high horse about this but fortunately, it was early on in the evening before the wine had got flowing so I managed to remain calm and tactful and simply told her that this was downright immoral.  She said she would start recycling but only because of the costs she would have to incur if she didn’t.  That’s why we need legislation…because many of us wouldn’t do it otherwise.  Because there are still people out there who have reached 2006 and have managed to remain immune to this one.

And I’m a hypocrite.  I’m not as Green as I could and should be.  I use air travel – the great polluter.  I use my central heating when an extra layer would do.  I drive my car when I could often manage without.  I waste too much food.  I’m a fake vegetarian because I succumb to fleshy bits now and then.  I believe in animal rights but I forgot to feed our guinea pigs for two whole days last week (can’t believe I just revealed all that. They are rarities, honest! And the guinea pigs are fine).

Ok, those last two items can’t and shouldn’t be legislated against but my point is, these attitudes are what we are still up against.  I’m aware that recycling alone and switching off all our standby’s is nowhere near close to being sufficient and I know we hate nanny-type government interference in our lives.  But the little things such as recycling really should be compulsory as a smaller part in the bigger role of absolutely imperative International Green directives and legislation.

images.jpg We all say we our doing our bit but the hypocrisy is rife and the Earth is crying and this is exactly why we need legislation at all levels – individual, community, corporate, governmental – Global.  If we rely on voluntary goodwill, it will never happen.

This is serious.  Citizens have shown they can pull together in tragedy.  Can the whole of humanity pull this one off?


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  1. Posted by misslionheart on October 25, 2006 at 8:09 pm

    I can’t understand why you have a pic of a pizza on this post
    (delete this if you like!) 😆


  2. Bwhhaaaa!! Nobody takes me seriously!


  3. Posted by misslionheart on October 26, 2006 at 9:24 pm

    Ok, stop the snifflin’…
    Delete that comment and I’ll come back with an intelligent retort 😆


  4. Who are you gonna to get to write it for you?

    No, not deleting the comment. It made me laugh.


  5. Posted by misslionheart on October 26, 2006 at 11:34 pm



  6. Posted by misslionheart on October 28, 2006 at 11:21 am

    I can’t *stand* those ignorant people who don’t recycle. If I were to put something in the bin, which can be recycled, I would feel guilty and take it out! Her ‘waste’ bin must be overflowing mid-week. Our waste bin is collected once a fortnight, so we recycle everything possible. Just need a bottle bank in the garden, now! 😉


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