The Royle Family


I caught the final one-off special on Sunday night by chance and what a great show.  

The Royles have moved with the times….but not too much: 

Denise has those oh-so-trendy but ridiculous nail and hair extensions (and she’s pregnant again…has a baby girl near the end).  Jim hasn’t evolved at all – just got bigger.  You’ll be relieved to hear that Anthony has moved onwards and upwards.  And baby David is now at school and they thought he had Attention-Deficit-Disorder until they found out he just couldn’t be bothered concentrating.  Interestingly, he is played by David’s real-life son.   And Cheryl – the neighbour, whose character in my view is superb, is still trying to find the love of her life and is still trying every diet (she is on a nut diet this time but forgot to take her nuts to work so she ate a Topic instead…….and two Snickers.  Brilliant!

I smiled throughout the programme apart from a couple of moments when I felt slightly uncomfortable.  For instance, the scene in the kitchen where Jim taps his son Anthony up for some money was way over the top and grossly over-acted by Ricky Tomlinson.  The type of relationship between Jim and Anthony has been consistent throughout the series; the son was regularly put upon, undermined and ridiculed by the father.  But the characters always managed to convey a warmth and humour so although we always felt sorry for Anthony, we knew that really he was loved and cherished.  The kitchen scene was just not true to the traditional relationship that had always been a defining element of the shows.  It pushed it too far and spoilt it a bit for me.

But an otherwise superb show with some very funny, sad and tender moments.  And the scene were they were “being fully laminated” will go down as a classic.  It was brilliant.   Consisted of three big fat men dancing to The Monkey Song from Disney’s Jungle Book while laminating the lounge floor with their builder’s bums exposed to the elderly bed-ridden gran who was absolutely hysterical with laughter.

Great stuff.


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by misslionheart on November 1, 2006 at 12:10 am

    Remember when they were stripping the lounge? Jim also revealed his botty! 😆


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