Reluctant Party Goer

Don’t you just hate it when the kids are tucked up and you’re about to unwind for the evening…curled up on the sofa, glass of wine in your hand, choccies and nibbles at the side and your current favourite comedy show has just started (Scrubs – brilliant!). 

Chilled and relaxed, you jump up with a start and remember that you’re supposed to be somewhere else right now.  And what’s worse, that somewhere that you’re supposed to be is somewhere that you really don’t want to be.

One of those (groan) Ann Summers parties.  My friend was having one and she talked me into coming.   I mean Ann Summers of all things!  Been there, done that.

Being an obliging sort of person who can never say no, I quickly got ready and got myself over there. 

The party kicked off with a couple of games to relax us into the mood.  The first game was “pass the parcel” and each person removing a layer of wrapping received a forfeit.  My forfeit was to hold a party or model one of the kinky outfits that were for sale.  Well, there was no way I was prepared to host a party – I’d rather walk through ALDI modelling the outfit than host an Ann Summers party at my house.  There were three outfits to choose from:

  • Naughty Nun
  • Sexy Air Stewardess
  • Miss Massage

I chose the Miss Massage outfit which was basically a pink tunic with black piping on the collar and cuffs but it was very short and very tight.  There was something quite bizarre about modelling this in front of twelve cat-calling, wolf-whistling women!!  But the price was worth paying to avoid hosting a party.

The next game needed three volunteers and I made sure I wasn’t one of them.  It involved three paper plates, whipped cream and maltesers.   Not quite as sordid as it sounds actually.  Was quite funny and the winning prize was a tub of fancy sweets shaped in a particular (ahem) male bodily part.

Then the sales pitch came and the usual giggles and screams circulated along with the objects up for sale. 

So, not as bad a night as I expected.  I did loosen up a bit and we had a giggle but I’m still annoyed that I missed Scrubs and I’m even more annoyed that the evening cost me £75 because one always feels obliged to purchase something from these party things but the cheapest items were £15 and I refuse to pay that for some ridiculous gimmick such as a willy-shaped lipstick!  So I bought some nice underwear.  I’ll get much more use out of that.

I managed to make my escape at 9.30 under the (genuine) excuse that my husband goes out with his Dad and his brother on Friday nights at 9.30 so I needed to get home for the kids.

Got home in time to watch one of my favourite films…The Accidental Hero starring Dustin Hoffman and (sigh) Andy Garcia.


9 responses to this post.

  1. Do you have Nutrimetics? The party’s are the same you get dragged along because someone you know was sucked into hosting one. Unfortunately there are no games and you eventually have to buy something you don’t need or really want.


  2. No, I’m not aware of Nutrimetics parties over here. I see they sell cosmetics products. We do have similar ones though – Virgin-Vie, owned by Richard Branson. (What hasn’t that guy got his finger into?) I’ve been to a few Virgin-Vie parties, which aren’t too bad because althought their products can be expensive, they are Earth-friendly and so they are products that I would buy anyway.

    I know what you mean though – being sucked into going to these parties in the first place, then being duped into buying stuff, then being talked into hosting a party yourself. And it’s usually the same circle of friends that attend the run of parties so we just keep on getting duped over and over. Lol. I’ve learned my lesson now and I’m much better at just saying no.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on November 4, 2006 at 9:54 pm

    I would have stayed at home with the wine and choccies! Can’t be doing with giddy girls a gruesome gimmicks……


  4. The Virgin-Vie products sound interesting do they have a website. One day I think the whole world is going to be run by Virgin.


  5. ML, yes even a night out with you would have been more desirable. 😉
    Pocket, here’s the Virgin-Vie website. They do jewellery too. I’d forgotten that.


  6. Posted by misslionheart on November 5, 2006 at 8:05 pm

    Nice stuff. Is it available over here?


  7. I don’t know if they do the parties over there but you can buy online from the website. They deliver internationally but the UK and Ireland fall under the same delivery criteria.


  8. Posted by Lynne on January 27, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    going to one of these ann summers partys tonight totally freaking out bout it…… but least now i no what ive got myslef into…. althouh i cant imagine anythin less sexy thn me in a nurses outfit ha….


  9. Hi Lynne, lol. Hope you had a fun night.


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