Should Saddam be Hanged?

I say no.  I am happy to go with the verdict against Saddam but not the sentence he’s received.  For two reasons:

Because there are some events that occurred under his reign that we don’t know the full details of and when Saddam hangs, evidence or information he may have dies with him so any chance of closure for the victims and their families is lost. Not to mention any information he may hold that would implicate certain Western governments.  Slate magazine explains it much better than me.

I also say no to hanging him because I am strongly opposed to capital punishment in all cases. Incidentally, the current Iraqi President, Jalal Talabani opposes the death penalty but fortunately for him (I think I’m right in saying this),  he can play Pontius Pilate and wash his hands of it because his signature is not required on the death warrant. 

Thankfully, much  progress has been made to abolish the death penalty in many countries, with many Eastern European countries coming onboard in an effort to conform to the EU membership criteria of which the abolition of the death penalty is a requirement. 

So it’s hard to believe that the beacon of light that is America…that shining example of democracy…world leader of moral humanitarian principles still carries out capital punishment, many of which have been endorsed by George Bush who has presided over 150 executions, including juveniles and people with the mental capacity of a child.  (Source).  Anyone remember the incident whereby Bush cruelly mocked a woman whose death he had just endorsed?  Karla Tucker was her name and he ridiculed her appeals for her life.  What a fine example of a compassionate Christian he was!

Anyway, I’m rabbiting on…my reasons for opposing capital punishment are simple:  it doesn’t deter crime, it irreversibly kills innocent people, it’s contradictory to the very laws which state that killing is wrong, it sends out a message that killing solves things and it and feeds this abhorrent but thriving global culture of killing.


3 responses to this post.

  1. I don’t agree with captial punishment either but I wonder how will the victims feel? Here is a man that has totured, gased and done god know what else to his own people. Should his punishment be sitting in a cell, three meals a day and a toilet (most innocent people in Iraq long for these). I don’t think we can decided and the hard bit is I don’t know how should? It is lose lose situation.


  2. Yes, you raise some good points and there are no easy answers Pocket. I do welcome the verdict. I just can’t agree with the death penalty as a civilised form of punishment and deterrent. It’s also inhumane although I’m aware of the inhumane acts carried out by the likes of Saddam. Maybe his death will bring comfort to some of his victims loved ones of whom I’m truly sorry for but it wouldn’t work for me. I feel we should reach above the ethos of killing. Easy for me to pass comment I suppose. I’m in the fortunate position of never having faced such atrocities.


  3. Posted by misslionheart on November 9, 2006 at 9:31 am

    He’ll become a martyr if he’s hanged. Let him rot…..


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