Run away Rummy

Donald Rumsfeld loses his job and methinks it’s a humiliating concession from George Bush after the American people chose to empower the Democrats in Congress. 

It’s been said that the US Defense Secretary is being scapegoated by the Whitehouse administration for the Republican mid-term election defeat and of course they are desperately scrambling around seeking damage-limitation, but Rumsfeld is no scapegoat!  He can and should bear the blame because he deserves the blame – along with many of his buddies.  It’s about time that people at top levels were made accountable.  Although, losing ones job for notching up a catalogue of grave errors is hardly being called to account, especially in the case of Rumsfeld.  A nice hand-shake and plenty of fingers in plenty of plump corporate pies makes Rummy a happily unemployed chap. 

The world will suffer from Donald Rumsfeld’s legacy of failure and blunders for a long time to come.  And it speaks volumes that several retiring US military generals have been falling over each other to demand regime change at the Pentagon.  I pity the person who replaces him and inherits the damage.

His departure is not a moment too soon.


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