Matthew Price in Gaza: BBC

matthew-price.gifThis is just so sad.  BBC’s Matthew Price, who covered much of the Iraq war, records events of his experiences of the aftermath of the latest Israeli attack on Gaza here

From the article:

“”I feel hate,” he added. He did not spit it out like people so often do. He just said it. “I hate George W Bush. I hate Israel of course. I hate the Arab world. I hate Europe.” His eyes, though, did not say hate. They said pain.”



Meanwhile,  a UN Security Council resolution condemning Israeli’s Gaza attack on Wednesday which killed eighteen citizens, including women and children, has been vetoed by…guess who?  Yes, the US.   And the soon to be ex-US ambassador John Bolton had the ironic nerve to say the text of the draft was politically motivated.

The UK abstained.  What use is that? 

“I lost my sister, my brother-in-law and five of my nieces and nephews this morning.

I feel nothing now; I can’t find the right words. All I know that the attack wasn’t a mistake. Israel fired six shells, how can that be a mistake?

Israel wants to push us from our homes, but we will stay. This is our land.”

Omar Thamena, 46, engineer


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