Jez and Jonathan

I caught the last half of the Jonathan Ross show last night which included an interview with the detestable Jeremy Clarkson. Now I know Clarkson deliberately says things that he knows will rile us. It’s the easiest way for him to get publicity and we should perhaps just ignore the silly man. But what bugs me is that he means what he says and his lifestyle reflects what he says.

Last night he said regarding climate change …”I don’t give a shit” and he tried to belittle Jonathan’s electric car by claiming that it wasn’t actually environmentally friendly because it needed electricity to run off. Dummy! That’s where solar and wind power can come in.

Anyway, for a guy who shoots massive guns at flying cars in the desert…just for fun, causing them to explode and who also drives cars into trees just to prove how robust they are (the car that is, not the tree) he looks his best with meringue pie shoved into in his ugly face courtesy of environmentalist, Rebecca Lush.  Story here.

It’s not the first time that the people have got the better of him; the wonderful George Monbiot shattered his male ego on the Jeremy Vine show one time when he said this to him… “I suggest instead of getting into an overpowered 4×4 and ripping up the countryside, he responds to one of those emails which offers to enhance the size of his manhood. In fact, there are one or two around which say they can increase it by a whole inch, so he should be able to double his confidence.”



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  1. Clarkson! Don’t get me started! I’ve despised him ever since that Top Gear show in which he set out to test a new Landrover by driving it to the top of some unfortunate mountain in Scotland. Over heath and heather and through streams and pools he went, getting bogged down several times and only getting out again with the aid of a gang of husky helpers. The Landie’s front winch was used liberally, but since there were no trees to tie the cable to he used a handy gadget instead. This device was a stout metal spike with a kind of ploughshare attachment. When hammered into the ground it provided enough resistance to enable the Landie to claw its way out. Sadly, it also left huge ruts in the landscape as the spike was pulled backwards. When Clarkson eventually reached the summit and sat smugly admiring the view, all I could think of was the further mess he would cause on the way down. I’ve loathed 4x4s and the people who needlessly drive them ever since.

    On a lighter note, I’ve always liked Paul O’Grady’s comment on Clarkson, that he looks like a pantomime dame without the drag.


  2. Lol. I missed the O’Grady comment but yes, come to think of it, he does have one of those huge bulbous heads that panto dames seem to have.

    As for his abuse with the Landrover, it’s despicable but typical of his mindset. I wonder if his arrogant couldn’t-care-less attitude would remain if someone carried out a few 4×4 stunts in his own back garden.


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