New Principal Speaker


One thing that endears me to the UK Green party is that they reject the policy of having a traditional party leader who enjoys a high level of power within the party.  Instead, in abidance with the “cooperative” ethos of joint and shared responsibility,  they elect a male and a female Principal Speaker.

These are the two new Speakers.  Read here for more on them.

sian-berry.jpg Sian Berry is the unopposed female leader who succeeds Caroline Lucas, who in my view, will be a hard act to follow.  Sian’s campaign against 4×4’s won her much support and she managed to turn wide public opinion against the “Chelsea Tractor”.

derek-wall.jpg The election of Derek Wall is good news to me.  Some say he is radical which may hinder the party’s appeal to the wider electorate.  But radical grassroots policies are what’s needed because mainstream politicians are failing the planet. 

“At present cats have more purchasing power and influence than the poor of this planet. Accidents of geography and colonial history should no longer determine who gets the fish.”  Derek Wall

Good luck to them both.

The Green party embraces human rights, justice, peace and equality for all and very much believes in compassionate social, economical and environmental policies which are workable and actually now quite vital to sustain us.  

Read their wide-ranging and far-reaching Policy and Manifesto here.  


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