Ethical spending rises

…according to this report by the BBC.  

Ethical consumerism has for the first time, risen above alcohol and cigarette sales.  Ethical sales percentages are still way down in the single digit figures but at least they’re moving in the right direction.

“The 21st century will be the century of ethics, or it will not be at all.” André Malraux

Ethical seems to be the buzz word of the moment.  I hope it’s not just a current societal fashion whim.  People do seem to be more socially conscious of the world at large and are fast realising the impact that our behaviour has on it.  And the good news appears to be that we are slowly starting to change or modify our behaviour accordingly. 

We are now more and more looking for Fairtrade goods and home-grown products.  We are boycotting, we’re being active, we’re telling our government we disapprove of the inequalities, we are demanding that our government acts on poverty and the environment.  We are trying to do what bit we can.  Small steps.  But these small steps can become bigger…can become a way of life, a new culture learned and passed on to our children.

*Big business* has sensed all this and, wanting to maintain its corporate kingship, it is making efforts to live up to the ethos of corporate social responsibility.  Yes, they are small gestures and big business will always put profit first but we can’t ignore the role that corporate giants can potentially have in improving our world.  I have, many time, demonised big business and I do stand by much of what I’ve said.  But these giants depend entirely on us and if we, as consumers, demand ethical standards and practise, they have to respond accordingly.

Or am I feeling unrealistically optimistic tonight?


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